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Background and Overview

The Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP) is the professional body focused on supporting governance practitioners, governance consultants and board members who have a responsibility for corporate governance.

The ACGP was founded in September 2010 in response to the growing demand for a support network and qualification framework for the wide variety of professionals working in corporate governance.  It was recognised at the time that a professional body that focused exclusively on governance and the more strategic aspects of this function was necessary.

A cross sector consultation was carried out by the Governance Forum interviewing leading figures in the private, public and private sector over the next six months.  As a result of the research, the founding directors were able to endorse:

  • The founding principles and values of the association
  • An accredited governance qualification
  • A professional framework for governance
  • A 'body of knowledge' for governance practitioners

The ACGP Strategic Objectives fall within three ‘strategic themes’ described below:

1. To Grow our Influence

Our aspiration is to achieve national recognition of ‘The ACGP’ and to establish the Governance Practitioner’s contribution to better corporate governance practice. We aim to do this by the development of a compelling evidence base and raising the profile of governance as a discipline acting as a voice for governance. We will forge strong networks and engage with bodies in the following areas:

  • The Government
  • Industry, directors and boards across all sectors
  • The national and international standards bodies
  • The media
  • Partners

2. To Build a Strong and Reliable Brand synonymous with Quality

We aspire to build a strong brand for ACGP in two key areas:

Excellence in service and course content offered - we want to build a strong reputation for quality in our offerings, by providing the highest standards in course content for our students, and ensuring we are comparable and better then our peers, by providing a high standard of service to our members and customers.

Our values and our contribution to the community - this directly aligns to our 5 corporate values: Ethics; Social Responsibility; Integrity; Leadership; and Learning. We intend to live these values in everything we do, and invite our partners, students, and members to live them with us.

3. To Develop the Governance Practitioner Role

We aspire to establish the governance practitioner qualification, membership to the body, and ongoing professional development within the United Kingdom and globally. We also intend to increase the number of subscribers for membership with the ACGP and its certification by doing the following:

  • Increasing the engagement with employers to promote the ACGP and its offerings
  • Increasing take up of our Governance Practitioner qualifications, and programmes
  • Broadening ACGP membership to more accurately reflect UK industry sectors
  • Growing take up of professional development and the exchange of best practice within the association
  • Engage and develop the next generation of board leaders

Our Services

Our aspiration is to achieve national recognition of ‘the ACGP’ and to establish the Governance Practitioner’s contribution to better corporate governance practice.

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About ACGP

Whether you are new to governance, already in a senior role or sit on a board of directors, our range of membership offers ensures that there is a grade that fits you.

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