The Second Beginning

Posted By: Admin, 14 Feb, 2012 - 03:02 pm

On 2nd March 2011, a group of young people between the age of 19 and 30 sat, together in a room not entirely sure of what was ahead. Months later, by the end of their time together they had been to classes, dinners, networking events, organisational launches and an exam! This was the first cohort of those who are now known as the graduates of the Young Governance Leaders Programme 2011.

Now, almost twelve months later, young people from different backgrounds are being given the opportunity to participate on what is the best leadership programme for young people of its kind! The completion of this course has helped to raise the profile of the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners as well as allowing its current members access to the fresh minds and skills of today’s leaders.

As a body, by engaging young leaders we are seeking to ensure that our organisations and boards are well stocked with innovative thinking young leaders to support our transition to the future of business. The course produced some excellent examples of the rising stars we have among us whom, without opportunities such as these go unnoticed.

If you are reading this and are interested in what’s on offer, applications for the programme are being taken now up until 29th February 2012. If you are an existing or prospective ACGP member, we encourage you to think about any young people you work with within your organisation or externally who, with the chance to understand the field of governance can raise their career prospects and develop their leadership skills.

As a professional body, we have an obligation to support the continuing professional development of ourselves and those around us!

The ACGP official launch will take place on 25th April 2012. Continue to check the website for updates and the latest news.

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