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Developing Young Governance Leaders (Get On The Board)

'Get On The Board' is a specially developed programme to help us identify and develop the next generation of board leaders and governance practitioners. Important in the security of all of our futures.

Youth Leadership - Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

As the expectation for boards to perform increases, and with the recent economic challenges experienced as a result of board failures, it has become pivotal to equip tomorrow’s board members with the tools and the skills to succeed. Added to this, there is a clear awareness of the importance of developing the younger generation, especially those from the underrepresented populations to encourage and prepare them to take up the responsibilities of managing and sitting on boards.

To do this, ACGP has accredited a leadership programme specifically aimed at young professionals and students between the ages of 21 and 35. The aim of the programme is to teach these individuals about corporate governance and the importance of good governance within organisations. We will help new leaders representing the diversity of their communities become engaged and effective board members.

Purpose of the Get On The Board Programme

The aim of this programme is to develop young people’s understanding of the concepts and practices of Corporate Governance. This will enable them to act as Corporate Governance Practitioners and make valuable strategic contributions to the organisations that they serve.

The concept of  'Get On The Board' was pioneered by Professor Karl George MBE, who has successfully founded and been instrumental in many community initiatives at a local, national and international level over the last twenty years. These include the first international chapter of 100 Black Men, a thirty year old previously American only organisation with over 10,000 members and reaching over 100,000 young people each year, the creation of the Young Directors forum of the Institute of Directors, which is now a part of the national programme; the 12-8 group: an entrepreneurial network for high-growth businesses; and many other initiatives.

Karl saw that too few people from grass roots that have been exposed to the leadership and governance of the organisations that they serve. Furthermore, he believes that many other organisations could benefit from the expertise of young professionals who may not as yet have the required specific governance expertise. The Get On The Board Programme aims to address this gap by recruiting young professionals that can broaden their experience by learning about governance. They will be complemented on the programme by those who have no formal professional qualifications but a lot of practical experience in governance and leadership.

The programme is sponsored by the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP) and Birmingham Voluntary Services Consortium (BVSC). There is no cost to participants.

The partner organisations will also support the programme by allowing some of the core element classes to be delivered at their various offices.

For more information on our partners, visit their websites at:



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