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Governance Events

The ACGP offers a number of governance related events for the primary purpose of promoting best practice within the community and educating current and future governance practitioners. Listed below are three of our main governance events. 


Networking and Breakfast Clubs

There will be a number of high profile networking events held throughout the year the across United Kingdom.

Events will be hosted at the offices of some of our strategic partners, ranging from accountancy firms, law practices, housing associations, banks or large charities.

These events will have industry specialists bringing their knowledge of the profession to the group. They will provide an opportunity for professionals who work in governance and related disciplines to increase their knowledge and share up to date information and resources around governance.

Youth Leadership - Developing the next generation of Board Leaders

As the expectation for boards to perform increases, and with the recent economic challenges experienced as a result of board failures, it has become pivotal to equip tomorrow’s board members with the tools and the skills to succeed. Added to this, there is a clear awareness of the importance of developing the younger generation, especially those from the underrepresented populations to prepare them and encourage them to take up responsibility of managing and sitting on boards.

To do this, the ACGP has developed a leadership program specifically aimed at young professionals and students between the ages of 21 and 35, to teach these individuals about corporate governance and the importance of good governance within organisations. We will help new leaders representing the diversity of their communities become engaged and effective board members.

Our Services

Our aspiration is to achieve national recognition of ‘the ACGP’ and to establish the Governance Practitioner’s contribution to better corporate governance practice.

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About ACGP

Whether you are new to governance, already in a senior role or sit on a board of directors, our range of membership offers ensures that there is a grade that fits you.

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