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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values will will help us to achieve our mission as set out below.


The association will promote the role of the profession with a view to ensurirng that employers, students and regulatory bodies are familiar with the role and importance of governance practitioners. We will aim to achieve a leading status, ensuring that we are the main resource for all the sectors that rely on these professionals. The association will serve specific sectors and the educational programme will include specific modules for practitioners working in large corporate organisations, government, SMEs, financial service organisations, the IT sector and the Third Sector.  We will be a leading voice in the area of governance.


“ACGP is the global professional body for corporate governance practitioners.”


We will achieve our objectives by becoming the ‘first choice support organisation for professionals and practitioners working in governance’, and the standard bearer for employers looking for employees working in this area. We will establish our courses as the recommended course for anyone who wants to complement their overall role with a specific governance qualification. We will help promote and establish the profession, ‘Governance Practitioner’, within the UK initially, and then globally.


Integrity – We believe at the ACGP that nothing is more important than our reputation, and acting with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.The association is keen to maintain a standard of integrity for itself, the profession and all of its members.

Ethics - We will promote the highest ethical standards at all times and ensure that the spirit of adhering to honest professional standards is paramount across the application of governance.

Corporate Responsibility - We will demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices.We will therefore expect our partners to adhere to a strict code of social conscience and contribution to compliance with law, ethical standards and international norms.

Leadership – We see governance and the role of the board as key component of the leadership of any organisation and will strive to ensure that it is considered as such across all sectors.We will lead by example to achieve our vision and goals and we work hard to ensure our customers and partners expectations are always met.

Learning – We encourage an attitude of continuous learning and improvement. We will keep ourselves up to date with regulatory and topical issues at all times ensuring that they are always relevant to all our stakeholders. By proactively soliciting and provide honest feedback, and by being consistently curious, we believe that we can continue learning, and therefore growing.

Our Services

Our aspiration is to achieve national recognition of ‘the ACGP’ and to establish the Governance Practitioner’s contribution to better corporate governance practice.

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About ACGP

Whether you are new to governance, already in a senior role or sit on a board of directors, our range of membership offers ensures that there is a grade that fits you.

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