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What Our Graduates Say

A real benefit of the programme is the relationships and peer support developed by the group

Graduate Testimonials

"I am delighted to say I have just been offered the position by Titian Partnership. I can't thank you enough for everything the programme has given me so far, including this! ."

"I have learned the difference between being operational and being strategic."

"This programme has taught me the importance of me being an effective Board member and the principles of good practice."

"The ACGP programme has put me in contact with high profile people who will help me to gain skills and adapt my business practice also providing me with the governance skills needed to run my business. I have been able to interact with people of a similar mindset. One of the highlights was attending the teach me to trade event giving me financial and investment knowledge."

Twitter on Get on Board

"A programme that provides future leaders, with the skill and expertise, to enhance the quality delivery of business practices."

"YGLP was a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of corporate governance. A great curriculum, great support throughout.
" @pc2theg

Our Services

Our aspiration is to achieve national recognition of ‘the ACGP’ and to establish the Governance Practitioner’s contribution to better corporate governance practice.

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About ACGP

Whether you are new to governance, already in a senior role or sit on a board of directors, our range of membership offers ensures that there is a grade that fits you.

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